Intrigued by the many layers of human emotion, my work explores bold contrasts and rhythmic movement through black and white, vivid color and the multifaceted beauty of feminine energy. I'm inspired by nature's color palette, finding beauty in strength, in struggle and in triumph, as well as in the little things too often taken for granted. With admiration and respect for the old and appreciation for the new, I employ traditional and digital techniques separately and simultaneously, to create a movement of emotions.

From conception to completion, the goal is to open eyes and minds to the stories hidden within, creating soulful connections between artwork and viewer. I encourage the viewer to redefine beauty, venture below the surface of normality and push their perspective beyond what they initially see. My work is about freedom of expression, exploration of life's ups and downs and growing within the results of those revelations. It is the definitive of my work, and my evolution as an artist and I look forward to creating something beautiful for you.

Philece R

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